Joyce Inouye M.A. Ed. has been serving clients as her ministry calling for over 40 years. Joyce has taught every grade from the elementary through high school. She has taught graduate courses at La Verne University and continues to teach online graduate courses through Fresno Pacific University, and for the Association of Christian Schools Internationally. Joyce Inouye’s expertise falls in a plethora of areas working with individuals with special learning needs.

Experience In The Field

  • Joyce Inouye has been a Keynote Speaker for Church Home Educators Association (CHEA- Japan) in 2012, 2013, and 2014.
  • Provided the Keynote message at the Ladies Luncheon of the Church Planting Institute (CPI) in Mt. Fuji, Hakone in November, 2013.
  • Provided a seminar for the community of Iwakiri, Sendai hosted by the Iwakiri Grace Ecclesia Church  in March, 2013.
  • Provided training to Grace Christian International School staff in 2012 and 2013.
  • Provided a all school and community seminar at the Christian Academy of Japan (CAJ) (2012).  In 2013, she provided individual appointments by SKYPE and at CAJ.
  • Provided individual appointments in Japan in the following cities:
    • Ome (2012, 2013)
    • Higashikurume (2012, 2013)
    • Nikko (2013)
    • Azumino City (2013)
    • Shinjuku (2013)
    • Ishinomaki (2013)
  • Provided two seminars in Azumino City and took individual appointments for a total of four days as hosted by Azumino Family Chapel under Pastor Kowai.
  • Online Instructor at Fresno Pacific University providing graduate level courses in Informal assessment and Curriculum Accommodations; “The Ten Commandments of Teaching Students with Special Learning Needs” Independent Study Courses online. (2010)
  • Lectured and provided training to Christian Schools with Point Loma University to Rock Academy Christian Schools, San Diego, California (2010).
  • Hosted the “Better Together” Brunch for ACSI Christian Schools that included training in informal assessments and the appropriate teaching approach to implement with the results.
  • Trained teachers at Azusa Pacific University. Lectured on the “Ten Commandments of Teaching Students with Special Learning Needs”. Provided training to students, teachers and administrators (2008).
  • Training of Plaza Medical Practices/Bright Medical Associates and Hacienda Heights Family Practice Pediatricians (2007): Trained the pediatricians on California’s Special Education Laws which included parental rights; legal timelines; public school referral process; psychoeducational testing and diagnoses; and possible accommodations.
  • Wrote forward for the book, “What Your Bright Child Can’t See – Secrets to Conquering Learning Difficulties,” by Dr. Lou Spinozzi, Life Success Publishing, Copyright 2006.
  • Creator of “10 Commandments of Teaching Students with Special Needs” (2002).
  • Author of Bright Medical Associates “Auditory, Visual, & Language Processing Screening Test,” for the Pediatricians (2005): This is a screening test to assist Pediatricians in assessing and diagnosing processing weaknesses in children that may be the underlying cause for academic problems in school.
  • Published featured article, “The Ten Commandments in Teaching Students with Special Learning Needs,” in the Christian Education Supplies Magazine, March, 2005 Edition.
  • Pioneer Member of the National Association of Christian Special Educators (2004-present)
  • Resource and conference support to Universities (CSULB, CSUP, California Baptist University).
  • Speaker of live Internet broadcast, “Learning Disabilities: The Visual Connection,” for professionals and parents (2002): (2002-2004)
  • Owner of Christian Educational Therapy (2001-present): Provision of Diagnostic Educational Testing (Intelligence, Academic, Processing, Memory, Learning, Attention, Motor) and recommending “Individualized Educational Prescriptions” for students with special needs. Other services include educational therapy; administrator, teacher and parent training regarding teaching students with special learning needs; consultations; parent advocacy; Attention Deficit Coach training; inservices to schools; speaker and resource for the Associated Christian Schools International (ACSI) in Southern California and internationally.
  • Creator and author of website, (Christian Help in Learning Disabilities Differences Organization) (2000-present): This web site contains over 20 pre-made practical and useful forms for private schools interested in starting a special needs program. There is information about the symptoms of various learning differences; workable teaching strategies; a list of 130 accommodations; and a roster of special needs programs in private schools.
  • Author of Free Online Newsletter, “ChildD Newsletter:” The newsletter includes information on the latest research in Learning Disabilities; ACSI Annual Teacher Convention brunch updates; articles on diet, fallacies in the field, and other helpful resources to those seeking more knowledge about learning disabilities and special learning needs.
  • Networked Educational Therapists with Christian Educational Therapy Clientele (2002- present): Joanne Sellers M.S. Educational Therapist Fullerton, Ca. Dawn O’Neil Educational Therapist Long Beach, Ca. Debby Gilman M.S. Educational Therapist Long Beach, Ca. Sonia Hori, M.A.Sp.Ed. Educational Therapist Chino Hills, Ca.
  • Trained Meier’s Clinics, Henslin & Associates, Harris Family Therapy, and Asian American Christian Counseling Services (2000-present): Advocate for clients, Trainer of counselors and parents in the area of Learning Disabilities, Consultations, Support system, Networking resource.
  • Founder and Creator of the Association of Christian Schools International “Special Needs” Institute (1997-2008). *Networking Leader and resource to Association of Christian Schools International with “Special Need” programs; seminar evaluator; and organizer of guest speakers in the Special Needs Institute track at the ACSI Annual Teacher’s Convention. Host and creator of the annual “Special Need’s Institute Brunch” at the ACSI Annual Teacher’s Convention; established networking groups and prayer/resource groups by location for directors and teachers of special need programs; and a trainer of special need’s teachers in Christian Schools.
  • Founder and Director of Whittier Christian School’s Special Need Program, “IMPACT” (1995-1998): Acronym for “Increasing Might, Power, Academics, Choices and God’s Truth.”
  • Creator of program, teacher trainer, administrator, diagnostician in testing, student advocate to school districts, resource to the Uptown Whittier Christian Elementary school and Whittier Christian Junior High School.
  • Graduate Professor at La Verne University: Course title “Curriculum and Assessment.” Graduate level course for those seeking their Specialist Credential or Learning Disabilities Credential.
  • Resource Teacher, Macy Intermediate School (1981-1986): Montebello Unified School District, fifth through eighth grades Pull-Out Program worked and assisted students with Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Difficulties, Attention Deficits and Special Needs; provided academic and process testing, created and implemented Individual Educational Programs (IEP’s), and held inservices for the staff.
  • Special Ministry Founder and Director, Evergreen Baptist Church, San Gabriel Valley (1980-1990): Worked with the Visually Impaired, Learning Disabled and Developmentally Disabled students during church school time; trained assistants; trained Pastors for communion services with those nonambulatory; provided “Special Need Awareness” seminars and conferences; and was the Director of the ministry.
  • Special Day Class Teacher, Macy Intermediate School (1978-1980): Montebello Unified School District, teaching fifth through eighth grade in a self-contained class for those with special learning needs.
  • Aide for Autism and Developmental Delayed classes (1977-1978): Los Angeles County Special School worked as Autism classroom aide and for the Developmentally Delayed class teachers, including those with Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus and with students that had functional limitations related to their disabilities and ailments.


Master of Arts in Education, 1981
Specializing in Learning Disabilities
1981 Graduate School of Special Education
California State University of Los Angeles

Multiple Subjects Life Credential, 1981
Graduate School of Special Education
California State University of Los Angeles

Specialist Life Credential in Learning Disabilities, 1982
Graduate School of Special Education
California State University of Los Angeles

Resource Specialist Certificate of Competence, 1982
Graduate School of Special Education
California State University of Los Angeles

Bachelors of Art, 1978
Child Development
California State University of Los Angeles


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