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CHEA Magazine #39 November 2013

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Learning Disabilities are a challenge not only for parents in Japan, but in every country around the world.  It affects all ages, all socio-economic levels, and all cultures. It seems like the world stops for every parent when they discover their children have difficulties in learning, sitting still, or completing their schoolwork.  It’s painful because […]

Evergreen Baptist Church partners with ChildD

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Joyce Inouye (ChildD in Japan) In Japan, there are less than 2% who are Christian with even less attending church. Few know the ONE TRUE GOD amongst the 8 million gods worshiped. There are 30,000+ suicides occurring annually. In 2013, these statistics will be for the 15th year although in 2012 the number dropped by […]

CHEA Magazine #37 (November 2012)

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We are created by God to learn and be educated.  Perhaps God placed a “yearning to know” in all of our hearts, so, in our learning, we would seek to find Him.  One often wonders, if being educated is so important to God, why would He allow learning difficulties?  Why would He allow in our “mother’s womb” disabilities, […]