A passionate behaviorist and educator who thoroughly enjoys utilizing his experience and education to enhance the quality of life of individuals with disabilities and disorders.


Autism Authorization (in addition to the Education Specialist Credential)

PENN STATE UNIVERSITY, University Park, PA 06/2011
Applied Behavior Analyst Certificate

Education Specialist Credential

Master of Arts in Education


Board Certified Behavior Analyst 01/2013

Education Specialist Credential (Level 2, Cleared Credential) 06/2009

Adult Residential Facility Certified Administrator 04/2015

Non-Crisis Intervention Certified 04/2015

CPR and First Aid Certified 01/2015


TOTAL EDUCATION SOLUTION, Southern California, CA 07/2014 – Present
BCBA Coordinator
• Teach/train teachers and paraprofessionals in applied behavior analysis (ABA) at various charter schools, public schools, and non-public schools.
• Draft ABA/behavior program designs/proposals for various funding sources (i.e., regional center).
• Train, schedule, and manage over 90 staff at the headquarter behavior department (BCBAs/Behavior Case Supervisors directly and Behavior Interventionists indirectly).
• Conduct initial assessments and functional behavior assessments.
• Review, manage and propose department budgets.

PRIVATE CONTRACTOR 01/2013 – Present
• Behavior consultation with Adult Residential Facilities (ARF).
• Provide BCBA supervision to BCBA candidates.
• Provide ABA consultation and training to international ABA training agencies.

EASTER SEALS AUTISM SERVICES, Southern California, CA 04/2013 – 07/2014
Clinical Supervisor
• Implement team ABA trainings and conduct team meetings.
• Train/supervise behavior/case supervisors in ABA and supervise implementation of Functional Analysis.
• Monitor and supervise behavior team to ensure excellent quality in ABA service for approximately 30-60 children and adults with autism and various other diagnoses.

EASTER SEALS AUTISM SERVICES, Southern California, CA 02/2013 – 04/2013
Program Manager
• Manage cases, implement staff and parent training based on the principles of ABA.
• Monitor clients’ progress and meet with staff and parents to review progress.

BURBANK UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, Burbank, CA 02/2012 – 02/2013
Behaviorist (Kindergarten – 5th grade)
• Train teachers and paraprofessionals in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and assist them to be in compliance with the students’ IEP behavior goals.
• Create and implement staff training and parent training.
• Implement intervention based on verbal behavior, ABA, and adjust treatment based on student progress.

TOBINWORLD, Glendale, CA 08/2011 – 02/2012
Community Based Instruction (8th-13th grade) Special Education Teacher
• Implement various ABA procedures within the school and classroom setting and working with students with various disabilities (i.e., autism, intellectual disability, emotional disturbance).
• Conduct formal assessments (i.e., Woodcock-Johnson III).

JUDGE ROTENBERG CENTER, Canton, MA 06/2010 – 06/2011
Case Manager
• Collaborate with Board Certified Behavior Analysts and doctoral Board Certified Behavior Analysts in creating ABA programs.
• Train parents, train and supervise school/residential staff to ensure students/clients’ ABA program integrity.
• Serve as a quality controller using organizational behavior management (OBM) strategies based on applied behavior analysis principles to ensure program integrity from all education and behavior staff.
• Work closely with guardians of students/clients age 13 – 35 with various disabilities/disorders and with involved agencies.

JUDGE ROTENBERG CENTER, Canton, MA 08/2009 – 06/2010
Special Day Class (9th – 11th grade) Special Education Teacher
• Train and supervise staff using organizational behavior management (OBM) strategies and teach students with various disabilities using teaching methods and behavior programs based on applied behavior analysis.
• Create and modify individualized lessons and assignments for various subjects, MCAS preparation materials (Massachusetts students) and REGENTS preparation materials (New York Students).

GABRIELINO HIGH SCHOOL, San Gabriel, CA 08/2007 – 06/2009
Resource Specialist (9th – 12th grade) Special Education Teacher/ Case Manager
• Complete formal assessment (i.e., Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – Second Edition)
• Draft IEP goals/objectives and Behavioral Support Plan.
• Manage a caseload of twenty-eight Special Education students with various disabilities.
• Lead Individualized Educational Program (IEP) meetings.
• Create, modify, and teach lessons for various subjects, including Science, Basic Algebra, Pre-Algebra and Basic Pre-Algebra, U.S. History, English, and Basic Government / Economics.