Joyce Inouye (ChildD in Japan)

In Japan, there are less than 2% who are Christian with even less attending church. Few know the ONE TRUE GOD amongst the 8 million gods worshiped. There are 30,000+ suicides occurring annually. In 2013, these statistics will be for the 15th year although in 2012 the number dropped by 3,000. There also is a crippling phenomenon called “Hikikomori” affecting youths where they isolate themselves in a single room for a period exceeding six months. Severe depression and anger appear to be the products of high educational demands with emphasis on “perfection”. There is a mass exodus of children from elementary to junior high, and parents are concerned with issues of bullying, and how the high demands of education are affecting their children.  Reputable sources indicate that little information is provided for those with learning needs in Japan. God has shown me that those with unique needs in school are vulnerable to ungodly beliefs and its affects. Those with learning challenges struggle, with little support and hope. ChildD Ministry seeks to minister to individuals with learning challenges in Japan, by training through seminars, speaking engagements and support to those with Learning Disabilities, High Functioning Autism, ADHD, Process and Memory Weaknesses, or other disabilities that may be hidden or unknown to them. Through these opportunities, the ChildD Ministry seeks to find indigenous ‘ministers’ who have the ‘heart and passion” to bridge learning needs with the Gospel to become the avenue to bring information, hope, healing and salvation to Japan.

The ChildD Ministry is a non-profit corporation partnered with Evergreen SGV. The Board of Directors for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 year are:

Keith Miyamoto M.D., F.A.A.P. (Chairman)
Tim Wong Esq. (Vice-Chairman)
Janet Chew Pharm. D. (Secretary)
Mike Wang C.F.O. (Finances)
Midori Yamada (Cultural Minister)

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