casting-vision-to-children was created to inform, encourage and provide resources for parents, teachers and administrators serving students with unique learning needs.

God’s Word shares that we are “fearfully and wonderfully created” (Psalm 139:14), and that God has a plan for our lives to give us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

Vision of the ChildD Ministry

The ChildD Ministry seeks to bridge learning needs with the Gospel and become the avenue to bring information, hope, healing and salvation globally.

Mission Statement

The mission statement for The ChildD Ministry is to bring hope to the hopeless by providing information on Learning Disabilities and unique learning needs to children, parents, individuals, educators, and organizations as a way to advance God’s Kingdom.

Mission Objectives

  1. To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing God’s Kingdom perspective to children, parents and individuals by providing information that meets their unique learning needs.
  2. To support educators and organizations serving those with Learning Disabilities and unique learning needs by providing God’s Kingdom perspective through lectures, seminars, website, meetings and literature.
  3. To establish a network of the various organizations that either serve or are involved with Learning Disabled individuals in order to share and support one another in the areas of unique learning needs;
  4. To identify and train indigenous Christian leaders in foreign countries in the area of Kingdom perspectives in regards to Learning Disabilities and unique learning needs.
  5. To provide information in the area of Learning Disabilities and unique learning needs in the context outside of any Christian perspective, for those who may feel uncomfortable with religious affiliations.

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