This letter is to serve as a commendation for Mrs. Joyce Inouye whom I have known for many years. During this time I have grown to appreciate Mrs. Inouye’s expertise as a Specialist in Learning Disabilities and Special Needs. As a former practitioner in an ACSI member school, Mrs. Inouye was highly esteemed by other special needs specialists throughout the Southern California Region. For the past 13 years Mrs. Inouye has served as a volunteer for ACSI in several capacities. First of all, she and a colleague pioneered in the establishment of the ACSI Special Needs Network. This network has grown to now include over 375 Christian schools that are working together to meet the specialist needs of students. Through the planning of the network, the Special Needs Institute was developed as part of the annual ACSI Teachers’ Convention in Anaheim, California. Mrs. Inouye continues to voluntarily serve the region as a seminar planner. Not only is she involved in the selection of seminar leaders, she also orchestrates the scheduling of all the special needs seminars. At the convention, Mrs. Inouye coordinates and hosts the Special Needs Brunch and serves as one of our most capable seminar presenters. As if the above was not enough to keep one fully occupied, Mrs. Inouye has developed and launched a website for special needs. is filled with a plethora of invaluable information for parents, teachers and administrators seeking assistance in the area of learning difficulties. Additionally, Mrs. Inouye provides diagnostic educational testing, consulting and specialized educational therapy services to those who want to draw from her expertise. Mrs. Inouye is unique in her approach to services. She serves because of her passion, not due to any remuneration that she might receive. She is to be commended for both her professional contribution and her gift of selfless service.

– Jerry Haddock Ed.D. Southern California Regional Director of the Association of Christian Schools International