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All questions are confidentially sent to Joyce Inouye M.A.Ed, Specialist in Learning Disabilities. With your consent. Please write clearly in English or Japanese because we will respond right away. If you can translate any Japanese into English, that will expedite our response to you. Thank you.

Thank you for outreaching to us. We will get back to you within 3-7 days. We want you to know that all questions are received by Joyce Inouye M.A.Ed., Specialist in Learning Disabilities. If you would like to address other CORE members, please know she will forward to the team member, and responses might be 5-10 days. We respect and honor the confidentiality and sanctity of your message to the Core Team.

Contacting us in Japanese


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ChildDミニストリー 英語ページはこちらからご覧いただけます。 ChildD ministry English Website is here.

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