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Our Team

We each believe that God is the answer to every question, concern, and need.  He is the great Physician.  We are thankful as our faith partners with God, using the knowledge and experience He has given us, to offers our viewers answers and guidance.

Our Team

Our TEAM are professionals called and committed to serve our ChildD Website viewers with the latest information in research-based information in our areas of expertise.  Some of us, travel as missionaries to speak in conventions, church and/or school events for outreach, and training.  Others of us meet monthly to counsel pastors, missionaries, Christian leaders and parents.

Specializing in learning disabilities,  psycho-neuro-educational testing, advocacy, ADHD, high functioning autism, process disorders, known as the “invisible” disabilities.

JOYCE INOUYE M.A.Ed., is a specialist in learning disabilities for over 45 years.  Her education and experiences teaching grades K-12 as a special educator, and graduate courses at La Verne University, Fresno Pacific University, and the Association of Christian International School’s credential, led her to found the Special Needs Institute for the ACSI schools in Southern California.  There she volunteered for nearly 12 years heading up the special needs division of the annual teacher’s convention and provided a brunch luncheon creating the Special Needs Institute with Anita Burch while in private practice.  She provided training opportunities to professionals in education, pediatrics, professionals and parents and now God has called her overseas to speak throughout Japan.  She believes that with God, His Word, and His Kingdom perspective, those with learning disabilities can recognize they are “fearfully and wonderfully” created, with a high calling, and with a future that is good giving them a hope and a future. The Lord has extended her boundaries and called her to share the messages He has written upon her heart, which led her to become the founder of the non-profit organization, “The ChildD Ministry”.

Specializing in autism, ABA, emotional disturbance and ADHD

ANDREA FUMIKO HAWTHORNE, DO is a Pediatric Hospitalist in Southern California. She graduated from Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in 2006, completed Pediatric Residency at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center in 2009, and has been a practicing Hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente since then. She cares for children admitted to the hospital and in the Emergency Department and teaches residents and medical students in the hospital.

Specializing in communication, cognitive & swallowing disorders

JANET HALL M.A. CCC-SLP, has been a licensed speech-language pathologist for almost thirty years. She has previous experience working in elementary schools, high schools, and skilled nursing/rehabilitation facilities. Currently, she provides care to patients in the acute hospital setting covering all medical units. In the outpatient clinics, she also treats clients from age 18 months to over 90 years of age who have communication or swallowing disorders. Their diagnoses may include: speech and language delay, autism, stuttering, voice disorders, swallowing disorders, traumatic brain injury, strokes, and many other neurological conditions. She supervises and mentors speech-language pathology assistants and graduate students. In addition, she has conducted medical reviews in the area of speech-language pathology.

Specializing in research-based pharmaceuticals chemicals, autism, neurological and autoimmune disorders.

WANDA SHIMAZU PHARM.D., has been a registered pharmacist for more than 40 years.  She graduated from USC School of Pharmacy.  In addition to working as a community pharmacist, her previous experience includes being a clinical specialist pharmacist at Queens Medical Center, Hawaii with focus on drug evaluation for the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, a clinical residency at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center with concentration on drug information research, and a pre-pharmacy Public Health/UCLA foundation which shapes her primary objectives, that of preventive care and focusing on the root cause of disease. Her interest in researching mitochondrial health, longevity, environmental toxins, nutrition, and neurological health has become an important part of her new life as a retiree. 

Specializing in autism, ABA, emotional disturbance and ADHD

DANNY QIAN M.A.Ed., BCBA, has been teaching and serving the special needs population for 13 years. Danny has taught General Education and Special Education students from elementary grade level through high school. He has taught and is still currently teaching applied behavior analysis (ABA) course sequence to undergraduate and graduate students. He implemented ABA as a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) with clients of various disorders and disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), emotional disturbance (ED), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). His clients’ age ranged from 2 through 60+ years old and he served them in school, home, community, and residential settings.

Developmental Optometrist

DEBBIE T. LUK, BSC, O.D., F.C.O.V.D., is a Developmental Optometrist. Dr. Debbie Luk graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Western Ontario and a Doctor of Optometry degree with Honours at the University of Waterloo where upon graduation, she was presented with the prestigious American Optometric Foundation Carl Zeiss Vision Fellowship and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development Award for Clinical Excellence in Vision Therapy. Dr. Luk’s post-doctorate studies include a Vision Therapy residency in New York City. She has also earned a certificate of Advanced Clinical Competency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation. In order to have the highest levels of knowledge and skills for treating her patients, she completed a certification process and was inducted as a Board Certified Fellow (F.C.O.V.D.) of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Dr. Luk has served as a Vision Therapy Residency Director, Adjunct Clinical Professor and currently is a board member of the Canadian College of Specialties in Optometry, the Alberta College of Optometrists Vision Development Committee.

Specializing in youth, with behavioral and socio-emotional needs, depression, anger, depondency.

TOBI NISHIKAWA M.S. M.F.T. is an experienced Residential Director, clinical Supervisor and renown speaker of youth with anxiety, depression, COVID-19 losses/isolation trauma,  and anger issues.  She has a full and demonstrated history of working in the social welfare industry. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Psycho-therapist with a Masters of Science focused in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling from Fuller Theological Seminary.

ChildD Staff ADministration

Administrator and Intercessor

BECKY ROBERTS has worked as a legal assistant for almost 45 years.  In recent years, she worked as a senior legal assistant for three regulatory attorneys, handling large-volume filings for many proceedings including the company merger.  After retiring in 2018, the Lord continues to use Becky’s strong administrative skills as the Regional Coordinator for Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for California National Day of Prayer that mobilizes unified public prayer for California and our Nation.  She is also one of two executive assistants to the California State Director.  Becky is an elder at her church.  Since 2019, Becky has been divinely instrumental in transcribing videos of Joyce’s seminars given throughout Japan for the ChildD Ministry.  Becky, having been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder herself, a hidden disability, was drawn to become a part of this ministry.  Becky has a desire to provide her gifts of prayer, administration and transcription for ChildD and be a part of the transformational Kingdom work God is doing with families in Japan and through the website, globally in English.


ChildD -Japan Counselor, ABA Therapist, and translator

Naoko Tsuji M.S. in counsel and A.B.A. certified, has supported the ChildD Ministry by offering counsel after CHEA-Japan seminars, and has served as a translator for seminars provided in at the 2018 CHEA-Japan convention in Tokyo.   She has been instrumental in partnering with the ChildD Ministry since 2014, always supporting the seminars in any way she could.  It has been such a joy to share training and encouragements to Naoko,  through the ChildD Ministry since 2016.  Today, she is working as a ABA Therapist serving those God brings to her.  We are blessed to support her ministry, and appreciate her desire to serve the Lord using her gifts and skills.

ChildD -Japan Administrator

Yukiko Naruse  has supported the ChildD Ministry since March 2013.  She has been used by God to use her many talents and gifts.  She has been instrumental in communicating The ChildD Ministry throughout Japan through her support of this ministry, belief in it, and her relationship with CHEA-Japan. Yukiko, created the Japanese website for the ChildD Ministry.  Which informs Japan, of ChildD articles in the CHEA Magazine, it’s seminars, and flyers informing those 5,000+ subscribed about the ChildD Ministry. Her commitment over the past 8 years willing to help each seminar in any way possible has humbly blessed this ministry so it outreaches throughout Japan since 2013.  She has prayed, video-taped, created handouts, and offered spontaneous testimonies.    In 2016, she and a few others from CHEA-Japan began an accountability group to bless their children. Her selfless service and prayerful support has been pivotal for the ChildD Ministry to serve Japan. Yukiko always says, “I have never heard that our children are “created perfectly”, with a plan for their lives that is good, giving them a hope, future, and purpose to glorify God before ChildD.  Others also need to hear this truth.” 

The ChildD Ministry Professional Support

We do not want to assume knowledge outside our fields of expertise, and often times, situations and physical ailments occur that affect individuals and need to be acknowledged.  As a result, the ChildD Ministry is blessed to introduce professionals who will support us with dental, medical, sociological, psychiatric, marital and familiar, physial, optical and educational with developmental needs for any articles we presented by the ChildD Team.

God has called us to address the “whole child” of all ages; child, youth, and adult when we serve those God brings to us and when we train others.  This includes extensive knowledge outside areas of our expertise.  As a result, we have committed professionals in areas where needs might overlap, that are available to the ChildD Core Team to give input and their confirmation of articles presented, or questions that might arise in training and as we present seminars to others.

We are thankful for the Lord provision for their support, time and commitment, so what we offer through the ChildD website, can be our very best, we can offer to those God brings to this website.

  • Maureen Miyahara M.D. (Pediatrician)
  • David Miyahara Ph.D. (Sociology, people groups and culture)
  • Eugene Young O.D. (Child psychiatrist)
  • Carol Miyake L.C.W. M.F.T. (Counselor, Japan Missionary)
  • (Dental surgeon, and Dentist)
  • Kayra Emmonds O.T.R/L. (Occupational Therapist)
  • Sharon Mcaleese M.A.Ed. (Severe Disabilties)
  • Tim Wong Esq. (Law)
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