Did you know that Learning disabilities are not recognized in Japan? 

Japan documents its suicide rate among the school-aged children being at an all-time high. 

Although recognized in the world,  Japan, along with other academic-focused nations such as South Korea, has not recognized that Learning Disabilities exist Without recognition, help for those with needs is not possible. Each year, the academic failure grows a greater gap in learning. Heavy workloads and high expectations for high school entrance exams are too hard to even begin, and divisions are made of who is capable and who is not. 

The Japanese find hiding those with learning disabilities in their homes, or back rooms, is better than labeling them.

Early intervention does not exist, and the lack of acknowledgement means teachers are not trained and kids are not helped. 

As of 2018, Japan started acknowledging there is legitimacy with “invisible” disabilities. Yet, Japan is behind the times in this, and as a result, children aged 6-19 years have had the highest ever recorded suicides deaths since 2018. Now with the Pandemic, suicides are at a h==n of all agestheJapan loses a population because learning disabilities are not recognized and addressed.  

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