Modify Homework

Homework allows discipline and routine that builds upon good study habits if the following occurs…otherwise…a special need student will become easily burnt out and actually produce very little with much rebelling.

  1. School night homework with a maximum time frame.
1. KindergardenMaximum of 15 Minutes
2. First GradeMaximum of 20 Minutes
3. Second GradeMaximum of 25 Minutes
4. Third GradeMaximum of 35 Minutes
5. Fourth GradeMaximum of 45 Minutes
6. Fifth GradeMaximum of 1 Hour
7. Sixth GradeMaximum of 1 Hour and 15 Minutes
  1. Homework should be material that allows creative and critical thinking skills. Memory work can be done creatively by adding mnemonics and hand movements, art or writing stories.
  2. Reading should be done daily with a 10-minute minimum on recreational reading or reading in books for book reports. I suggest a time where the entire family reads together. (parents who can be seen by their children reading God’s Word will be teaching them honor, dependence on God, discipline, love, respect and much more)
  3. Modified homework must include the time to study for Bible memory verses, reading for book reports, working on projects, and studying for spelling tests.
  4. Parents should “sign-off” any incomplete homework once the maximum time has occurred with a watchful eye on their children making sure the time was completed with on-task behavior.
  5. If a child is self-motivated and wants to work on homework longer, the parents should discern the “root” need and act accordingly. (i.e. child enjoying assignment…let them work as long as they want; child fearful of getting a bad grade…talk to them about what the teacher has agreed upon and take time to pray with them to lessen the fear)
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