Parent in Japan

Thank you very much, for counseling me. When I had a meeting with you, I was so tired of days that I couldn’t love my daughter. Rather, I was scolding her everyday. When I went to your seminar, the first thing that touched me was the first commandment – It is God’s plan that I was given my child. This made me think that if God is the one who gave this child to me, and if God has a good plan, I can hang in there. This is a blessing. In addition, I learned that it is important that I “don’t be perfectionistic”. The 4th, 5th, and 6th commandments made me think a lot. As a parent, I have to do these things with great patience. And when I feel helpless, it is important for me to remember the 2nd commandment – that God is the one who we rely on. When I look back at the time I felt helpless, usually, I was angry. So I need to remember the words from Philippians. It is important to pray that peace from God will be given and that I can become someone who can create peace. 

I was convinced that first, you have to have a relationship with God in order to raise children and/or live your life. Sometimes, I couldn’t truly pray, and my mind was not focusing on God. This is my weakness, so everyday I need to keep praying that God will strengthen me. At this point in my life, it is rare that I can really spent time with my children. But as you taught me, I would like to give blessing to my children and spend quality time with them, like reading books with them. 

On the same day that I received your counseling, I actually tried the prayer of giving blessing to my daughters. My older daughter, was so happy and she even seemed shy and embarrassed. She has a strong desire for attention and recognition. Even though I know this, I can’t really praise her. Rather, we crush each other. So, prayer of giving blessing is reinforcing in her that she is recognized and loved. Sometimes, I can’t do a good job of doing this because of my physical condition. But I would like to keep doing this without giving up. 

Facing my weakness was a good thing for me. It was hard to accept, but I realized that I really need God and prayer is essential.

By the way, I’m working in the admission office of a local elementary school. After I learned from your seminar about kids with learning disabilities, I could think about a child in my school that possibly has a learning disability. He is struggling with it, yet nobody is aware of it. So I talked to a school nurse about him, and they decided to do some testing for him. 

So thank you so much for helping me. I would like to hear more from you about the prayer of blessing next time. I will be praying for your ministry. 

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