Parent in Japan

In Japan, the number of kids who come from overseas is increasing. They need support to learn Japanese, but the system is not well established yet. They mostly rely on volunteers. We are entrusted by the Board of Education in the city of Matsumoto to help these kids learn Japanese. We all have different backgrounds but we all went through the training to teach them. Every child has different struggles as they learn Japanese. And we always feel confused. You have some experience teaching at international school, so it was encouraging for me to be able to consult with you. Your concrete ideas and approaches to help kids learn Japanese were really helpful. For example, you suggested for me to teach kids Japanese by using cards that have pictures and letters. I used to think that drawing pictures and writing letters together was taboo. So It helped me to switch to a different way of thinking. The two kids whom I am teaching, and consulted with you about, started having different issues. I am looking forward to receiving some advice from you next time. 

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