The ChildD Ministry has had the privilege to train Parents, Educators, International Schools, Organizations and Churches in Japan through the following seminars:

  • The Ten Commandments of Teaching Children with Unique Learning Needs
  • What Are Learning Disabilities?
  • How To Detect Learning Disabilities Accurately?
  • What Does It Feel Like To Have Learning Disabilities? (Simulation seminar)
  • What Are The Process Disorders That Contribute To Weaknesses In Learning?
  • What Are Visual Process Disorders? What Can Parents Do To Accommodate?
  • What Are The Auditory Process Disorders? What Can Parents Do To Accommodate?
  • What Is ADHD and What To Do To Help Your Children With Inattention, Distraction, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity?
  • Why Does My Child Have Trouble Sitting Still, Learning and Keeping Focus?
  • How To Bless Your Child With Learning Disabilities?
  • God’s Kingdom Perspectives With Learning Disabilities and Unique Learning Needs
  • How To Determine Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses?
  • Is My Child “Fearfully and Wonderfully” Created?
  • Learning Disabilities: Why My Child Has Difficulties Learning and What To Do?
  • What We As Parents Can Do To Encourage Our Children With Unique Needs?

The ChildD Ministry is open to provide and create seminars upon requests.

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