Visual Perception

Difficulty perceiving objects and focusing on a visually stimulating page.

Works with head close to paper; tilts head.– Request eye exam to rule out need for glasses.
– Check pencil grip and position of hand/arm when writing.
Has difficulty locating words in the dictionary, index, etc.– Assign buddy to work with a servant’s heart.
– Use elementary dictionary with large type print. Teach dictionary location of word definition, etc.Review alphabetizing words frequently.
May skip sections of a test or omit parts of an assignment.– Encourage student to use his/her finger or a marker to keep place. Use highlighter to emphasize.
– Remind him/her to recheck; teacher checks for omissions when test is turned in.
Lack of desire to complete worksheet or workbook format.– Make clear, dark, uncluttered dittos. (Limit decorations)Type whenever possible.
– Clearly denote.
Has difficulty in distinguishing important parts on overhead transparencies.– Use pointer to indicate specifics.Color code important areas.
Inaccurate copywork.– Have student sit near board.
– Be sure teacher’s handwriting is large and well spaced. Any situation that could be visually confusing, use one color for highlighting (yellow is suggested). Use for emphasis not decoration.
Has trouble picking out specific locations on a map.– Help student see part-whole relationship through outlining, coloring, and cross hatching.
– Provide simple maps with key countries.Use simple maps without visual stimuli.
May appear flustered when trying to focus on one item on a crowded page.– Structure space on math worksheets as much as possible.
– Create boxes which clearly delineate the appropriate work area.
Has difficulty following directions on a pencil-paper task where there is a lot of visual stimuli.Put less on page. Give “bite size” directions, avoid a long series of directions.
Habitually skips over lines of text and written words on assignments.Direct, one-on-one instruction pointing out the students mistakes and the visual clues they have overlooked.
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