What About A Name for Your Special Need Program

Selecting a name for your school’s special needs program is a very important task. The name must not discriminate, or embarrass. It should be easily recognizable and easy to remember. If you don’t have a name yet, childd.org suggests the name the “IMPACT” Program. The IMPACT Program is an acronym for Increasing Might, Power Academics, (Godly) Choices, (Godly) Truths. The website feels that it holds empowerment and sounds exciting as well as in “the times”.

The IMPACT Program is our suggestion for an individualized program designed to meet the needs of your school.

Please feel free to use the name. There are many names already in use. Some such as The Opportunity Room can be misconstrued as the behavior problem room, which many public school districts name their behavioral difficulty programs. The Resource Room is another popular name, that can be misconstrued as a Reading Lab Room or Tutorial Room because the public school uses this name interchangeably with those programs. The Learning Lab has been used and can also be misconstrued as a tutorial lab.

Pray and find the right name for your program, and know that you can use the name IMPACT.

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