Auditory Memory

Difficulty recalling previously learned material upon demand, with short and long term memory problems. Symptoms Strategies Lags in memory of hearing you; seems unaware of what is happening; asks you to repeat. Will have difficulty recalling the sequence of the directions. – Have student repeat oral directions in sequence or tell you in his/her own …

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Visual Memory

Difficulty remembering visually presented material. Symptoms Strategies Misplaces Has difficulty storing and retrieving information he/she has been exposed to visually. – Use auditory clues to help with retrieval, i.e., songs or nursery– Chains of visual picture associations, associative thinking, etc. Unable to remember events in a series (Social Studies, time lines). – Use a “walk-through” …

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Visual Motor

Difficulty coordinating what is seen with doing. Symptoms Strategies Poor eye-hand coordination: poor handwriting, difficulty with such activities as cutting, sewing, drawing, and copying. May use printing instead of cursive writing. – Use clay or playdough to develop muscle skills.– Use appropriate lined paper.– Skip a line when writing compositions; allows for erasures and is …

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Visual Perception

Difficulty perceiving objects and focusing on a visually stimulating page. Symptoms Strategies Works with head close to paper; tilts head. – Request eye exam to rule out need for glasses.– Check pencil grip and position of hand/arm when writing. Has difficulty locating words in the dictionary, index, etc. – Assign buddy to work with a …

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