Auditory Memory

Difficulty recalling previously learned material upon demand, with short and long term memory problems. Symptoms Strategies Lags in memory of hearing you; seems unaware of what is happening; asks you to repeat. Will have difficulty recalling the sequence of the directions. – Have student repeat oral directions in sequence or tell you in his/her own …

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Visual Perception

Difficulty perceiving objects and focusing on a visually stimulating page. Symptoms Strategies Works with head close to paper; tilts head. – Request eye exam to rule out need for glasses.– Check pencil grip and position of hand/arm when writing. Has difficulty locating words in the dictionary, index, etc. – Assign buddy to work with a …

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130 Accommodations for Specific Academic Subjects

WHEN TEACHING READING: Make reading aloud in class a voluntary activity. Provide opportunities for choral reading. Allow parents, aides, etc., to read lessons to students who have difficulty with decoding. Directly teach specific skills. (i.e. main ideas vs. details, inferences etc.) Investigate Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexics. (textbooks on tape) Build comprehension in reading …

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