a special time

Thank you so much for giving your time today. For a long time, I have been worried that my son Yuki is a little different from other children, and his behavior looked a little odd. “Is this just his individual uniqueness? So, I don’t have to worry about it?” Some advice I have been given without any solid foundation still kept my mind cloudy and wondering. Then this time, I was given this opportunity to talk to a professional person like you. Selfishly, I was hoping that you would tell me, “Yuki’s behavior is just individual uniqueness and there is no problem.”

Because of your gentleness and encouragement, I could tell you the things that troubled me. I learned that my son’s problem is that he can hear, but he has weakness in processing information that comes from his ears.

Because of the weakness, he has certain behaviors. Now I know the reasons of my son’s unique or odd behavior. For me, it was just like entangled treats are now fixed. I felt relieved and so much better. At the same time, I realized that he was desperately trying to deal with his weakness, yet I couldn’t understand that. Sometimes I blamed him saying, “Why are you so slow?” “Why don’t you understand this?” I made him sad. After I went back home, I hugged and squeezed him tight, and I kept crying. I couldn’t stop my tears for a while. If I continued how I treated him, the relationship between me and my son would become worse. As far as he would have had a problem in social situations……… You gave me some concrete advice, so I would like to try it little by little. I am so grateful that God has been watching even a person like me, so that He sent you to me.

I have expectation and hope that through this weakness, God will work in it, and He will do something. Through the meeting with you, Joyce, I could sense that God is watching me, caring for me and loving me. It was such a joyful time.
Thank you so very much.

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