Megumi Risden’s Testimony for Azumino City

ChildD has left a great impact on the Azumino Family Chapel through the ChildD Seminar and individual meetings. I could see some teary eyes from the attendees of the seminars. I was honored to be able to serve as a ChildD Ministry interpreter for the individual meetings because I could see that all those counseled were lifted up and greatly encouraged after each meeting.

In Japan, it’s almost impossible for parents of children with learning disabilities to be able to receive Godly advice, suggestions or encouragement based on Biblical wisdom. The professionals would label the issues of the children, and maybe give some advice or prescription. However, not much encouragement is given to the parents because they don’t know the truth of the Bible. The ChildD Ministry infused hope to the parents from God’s word. Her message was not only for parents who have children with learning disabilities, but for all parents.

The impact of ChildD ministry has a ripple effect. One lady who was counseled, has a son with auditory weakness. She brought another lady to the church. Both of their sons were going to the same kindergarten. Her (the new lady’s) son is using a hearing aid. The new lady has been attending church services since then. Both ladies have been coming to parenting class at the church. They also listened to the ChildD seminar CD from CHEA Japan.  The friend started sharing her struggle at a parenting class meeting. I couldn’t be there that day, but I heard that everybody cried as the listened to her sharing her broken heart with tears. Since she received hope from God through the ChildD counseling, the hope in her overflowed to her friend whose son has a similar struggle. Now her friend is very open to hear God’s word.

This is just an idea, but it would be nice for us to have some kind of material to be able to repeatedly learn and study what is taught through this ministry for Japan in the many seminars. For example, a ChildD seminar DVD and study guide/discussion questions in a small group setting. We could use this kind of material in our parenting class. As far as training some people by the ChildD Ministry. The same approach can be used along with actual lectures by ChildD. Of course we want this Ministry to come back to Japan repeatedly, but I understand that this would be very difficult, and the ministry cannot do that all the time. Megumi Risden M.S.  TEAM Missionary, Matsumoto, Azumino City

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