Parent in Japan

We went to the ChildD Ministry in 2014 CHEA convention and we are so touched and moved as we learned how to Bless our children and others. We started praying Blessing Prayer every day until today.

Truly big blessing is our relationship with daughters and sons getting close compared to the beginning. I and our children, age 4 to 17 years old, are eager to, and looking forward to praying before bedtime, whatever happens during the day.
When we started, we sometime wonder “how can I pray?” because I was physically tired and mentally confused. In such occasion, we repent each other, we confess our situation honestly, we keep praying Blessing prayer. For example, “Today, I am very tired, but let’s pray.” “You don’t have to, if you are tired.” “Let’s pray. This may be the last opportunity. There is no assurance we live tomorrow.”

Now, we don’t face such occasion recently. The praying time is blessed and rich. With daughters, in junior high, and high school age, our source of concern about future and daily life are getting more difficult. However, during Blessing Prayer time, we rely on God. This encourages them and gives them peace. They say, Blessing Prayer time, they can get their self-confidence as they can get back to God’s promise, they can rejoice themselves made by God, they are the best in our Lord. For me, through Blessing prayer time, God is teaching me to prioritize prayer for children, and depend on God for everything.

Hugging with children really fills our hearts and strengthens our relationships.   My children are very looking forward to their turn of hugging.   Basically, father gives the Blessing Prayer, but if he is not in house for business, mother touches children and prays a Blessing Prayer, and hugs each child every night.

I would like to share more, but I will share only part of the Blessing Prayer.  Blessing Prayers are wonderful, wide and deep. I would like more people to experience this rejoice. 

P.S. Before starting Blessing Prayer, we don’t hug every night.

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